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Grayson Lee Photography | Toronto

My Bio and Photography Philosophy

I believe that people are the sum of their personal experiences in life. 

Perhaps the most profound experience in my life came when I suffered a career-ending injury when I was a world-class professional blacksmith.  Ironically, it was not a work-related injury, but rather in a motor vehicle accident.  This forced me to change who I was, what I did for a living, but it did not change the artist inside of me.

It was not until I later became a photographer that I was once again able to harness, channel, and express that artistic creativity, something that had been missing in my life for far too long.  You see, there is a part of me in every scene that I view through my lens and in every image that I capture as a photographer.  There is also a part of me in every image that I select, retouch and finish for you as my client.  This is my art.

Professional Photography?

The vast majority of photographers in the market are NOT full-time professional photographers;  rather, many have other full-time occupations and they make their living elsewhere.  They shoot on the side because they have an interest in photography and they may even be amateur photographers (this is particularly true of wedding photography).  These photographers are not likely to have the investment of time, training, technique and even equipment, that full-time professional photographers would have invested in their profession.

Sadly, I frequently hear horror stories about people who who have been heartbroken by and have deeply regretted their decision to have their wedding photographed by so-called professional wedding photographers who were chosen solely on the basis of a lower price, only to have their priceless wedding memories lost forever.

According to Weddings Insights, an industry publication of WeddingWire, over 80% of wedding photographers in the Toronto area are part-time photographers.  Your wedding is a singular event in your lives that simply cannot be recreated.  Do you really want to trust capturing that moment to someone who only works part-time as a photographer?

The reality is this.  Because these part-time photographers have full-time jobs elsewhere, they have their primary source of income covered.  Because of this, they are able to offer their services to you at a lower price by undercutting the market.  However, this lower price actually comes at a real cost to you, as you will not only be receiving an inferior product, you may even lose your precious moments forever.  In photography, as in life, you invariably get what you pay for.  Remember, you only get one chance to capture the priceless memories of your wedding day;  there are no do-overs.

My Difference

I have been a full-time professional photographer for 5 years and this is how I make my living.  Photography is my life.  After having studied with some of the best photographers in the world and spending countless hours honing my craft, I have developed a unique style and a large body of consistent, professional level work, which is readily evident in every picture that I take.  You will be working with somebody who is easy to get along with and who has the ability to put you at ease and bring out the best in you. 

My photography has been internationally recognized by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and by other photography institutions and publications.  I am also a proud member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS), which is a global accreditation program for FULL-TIME professional Nikon photographers.  In order to qualify as a member of this program, you must demonstrate that you meet several professional standards.  First, the program is only open to full-time professional photographers, no exception.  Second, you must demonstrate that you have a consistent and professional body of work.  Finally, you must also prove that you have professional quality equipment, including both primary and backup gear.  Because of this accreditation, I am able to travel worldwide as a working professional photographer with the full backing of Nikon.

Choosing Me as Your Photographer

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of my photography is my signature style.  My style is unique in that I love to capture people at their very best, whether they are being posed or in a photojournalistic moment, and I finish my images from my heart to reflect that sentiment.  I want to preserve your memories of your event as I would to love to be captured in it for myself.  I want to capture the essence of you as a person in a complete moment in every image that I take of you.  You can place your trust in me that I will capture you at your absolute very best.  That is my promise to you.